Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions




‘Babies’ and ‘non-walkers’ are defined as children that are under the age of 1 or cannot walk on their own or without the aid of an Adult.


A ‘child’ or ‘children’ are defined as a young person who is 6 years and under who can walk unaided (without the support of an Adult).


An ‘Adult’ is defined as a parent, guardian or carer that is over the age of 18 years.


1. Rules of Play and Entry


We would kindly ask that you follow these Rules of Plays to make your experience as enjoyable as possible:


  1. All children must be supervised and are the responsibility of an Adult (aged 18 or above) and not that of Little Land or its staff.  Staff have the right to ask for ID if they believe the Adult to be under the age of 18 years.
  2. We want everyone (even grown ups) to have a wonderful experience. Parents / Guardians are responsible for theirs and their child(ren)’s behaviour so please be polite and kind!  We will not tolerate any aggressive or abusive language to staff or other members of the public.  If any of this behaviour is shown, we will ask you to leave the premises.  No refund or credit will be given.
  3. Children and Adults must remove their shoes and wear socks or tights before entering the role play areas. Socks can be purchased at the centre if required.
  4. No food or drink to be taken into the role play area.
  5. Only food and drink brought on the premises may be consumed, except for food for babies. Children are permitted to bring in their own water bottle drink.
  6. Whilst we expect unintentional damage to be caused to the role play equipment or the props, anyone observing to cause intentional damage will be asked to pay for a replacement.
  7. For health and safety reasons, any accidents or incidents must be reported to a member of staff so that they can be recorded and dealt with. This includes reporting any role play equipment that needs fixing due to any injuries that may have occurred.
  8. Our role play shops are purpose built for children. Accompanying Adults please be aware that the doorways are lower than you would expect, so mind your heads as you walk in and out of each role play shop.
  9. Play sessions are restricted to 90 minutes.   The role play area will be promptly closed in order for staff to tidy for the next session.
  10. Every effort has been made to keep all children safe when playing with our props and in the role play shops. However, children under the age of 3 must be strictly supervised to avoid putting things in their mouths.
  11. Due to Little Land having restricted space, we kindly request for buggies and pushchairs not to be brought to the premises. Adults may want to leave them outside, but this is at their own risk and responsibility.
  12. To prevent the spread of infection, if an Adult or child has been ill (vomiting, diarrhoea, chickenpox, hand foot and mouth or COVID 19) or until no longer contagious within 48 hours of their session. Refunds will not be given and transfers must be within at least 12 hours of the start of the session.
  13. If an adult or child is unwell, sick or infectious whilst on the premises, they will be asked to leave immediately. No refund or credits will be given.
  14. No smoking or e-cigarettes are permitted to be used on the premises of Little Land.



2. Tickets, Transfers and Refunds


  1. All children and their accompanying Adult must have a valid ticket for the session they are attending. This includes babies and non-walking children.
  2. The ticket price includes admission for one session (90 minutes)
  3. The ticket does not include food and drink
  4. Customers with pre=booked tickets are given priority entry. Entry cannot be guaranteed for customers who have not booked in advance.
  5. All tickets and deposits are non-refundable. If you want to transfer your ticket to another session time, you can do so with at least 12 hour’s notice from the start of the original session booked.   Your transferred session must be within one month of the original pre-booked session.
  6. Little Land reserves the right to increase ticket prices.
  7. If purchasing tickets for other customers, it is the responsibility of the Adult purchasing the tickets if or sharing our terms and conditions and rules of play with every customer and their party.
  8. Those with valid tickets are only allowed entry. Walk-ins are subject to availability.
  9. If purchasing a walk-in ticket, the session will still finish at the set time regardless of what time you walked in.
  10. Customers will receive an email when tickets are purchased online. It is your responsibility to check your email confirmation and your transaction has gone through.  Please bring your email as proof of purchase.
  11. In exceptional circumstances such as flooding, fire or bad weather, etc, we may need to close Little Land. In these cases, a refund of your ticket will be given.
  12. Gift vouchers are non-refundable.
  13. A restriction on the amount of children one adult can bring is restricted to a maximum of 3. A restriction on the amount of adults in one party is restricted to 3 (excluding booked parties).


3. Sessions and Times


  1. We are open 6 days a week from 9:00am to 5:30pm. Our session times are: 9.15 – 10.45am, 11:15 – 12.45pm and 1:15 – 2.45pm.
  2. Each session runs for 90 minutes giving the children plenty of time to enjoy each role play shop area.   After this time, the role play area will close promptly so staff can tidy for the next session.
  3. There is a set capacity for each session to ensure over crowding does not take place and to make the session a more enjoyable experience.
  4. Customers are asked to arrive no earlier than 10mins before their session outside the shop. Booking in will open shortly after so that you can start your session on time.
  5. There may be rare times that play sessions will have to change or be cancelled. Every effort will be made via social media and the website to contact those affected.
  6. Customers will need to leave at the end of their play session irrespective of the time they arrived.
  7. Little Land reserves the right to close should there be a risk to the safety, wellbeing or security of visitors and staff.
  8. Sessions dedicated for SEN (Special Educational Needs) children will be apparent when booking. These sessions are smaller and adapted to suit children who struggle with louds noises and social settings.


4. Parties


  1. Parties are available for exclusive hire Monday to Saturday. Please see Party Packages on website for more details.
  2. For all party packages, a 50% non-refundable deposit should be paid on booking your party.  The remaining 50% should be paid one week prior to the party booking.    All parties are exclusive hire with a maximum capacity of 40 (including adults and children).
  3. Please be aware that the centre is designed for little people 6 years and under and it’s intent for use is as a role play area.  If older siblings / children attend the party, they are required not to run around the role play area or use the equipment for purposes other than its intended use.
  4. It is the responsibility of the Adult of the party to supervise all the children that are in the party and not that of employees of Little Land.
  5. The seating area for the party will be the adult café area in Little Land.  Please be aware, there is no separate party room for the children.  The children will sit at the tables provided.


5. Photography and Videography


  1. Customers are permitted to take photos and videos but we ask that they only take them of the children within their party and use for personal, private and non-commercial purposes only.
  2. With consent, Little Land may ask to share photographs of children playing on our website, social media or promotional materials.
  3. Little Land are not responsible for any photographs published on social media or other websites by visiting Adults.



6. Security


  1. Little Land operates a CCTV inside the premises and Park Mall operate CCTV outside the premises.
  2. CCTV is in use for the safety and security, day and night, as well as to assist in identifying and prosecuting any offenders.
  3. All personal belongings that are brought into Little Land are at the Adult’s risk. Little Land or it’s staff accept no liability for loss or damage of personal belongings.
  4. The internal gate between the main automatic sliding doors and the play area is secured by a buzzer which must only be operated by a member of staff of Little Land Ltd.
  5. You can contact us if there are any queries on littlelandltd@gmail.com
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